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Summary of FGS Development & Security Activities in the Past Week

Monday August 22, 2016 - 06:25:57 in Maqaallo by Editor Caynaba News
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    Summary of FGS Development & Security Activities in the Past Week

    Mogadishu, 20th August 2016 – HE the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir 'Mareeye', briefed the media on the development and

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Mogadishu, 20th August 2016 – HE the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir 'Mareeye', briefed the media on the development and

security activities of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in past week.

HE the Minister detailed activities that took place in the past week including: "HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, signs into law the Human Rights Bill; Kismayo’s Police Commissioner establishes a communications unit; Danab commandos launch a military operation in Sunguni; the FGS implements its marine resources strategy; the FGS implements the customary law of conflict resolution; exploratory debates on regional state boundaries held in Mogadishu; HE the Minister of Defence attends the conclusion of SNA Training; al-Shabaab militiamen were flushed out of the Luq Jelow, Hiiraan; New Market Opens in Warsheikh district, Middle Shabelle; and HE the President of Somalia closed the Somali Diaspora forum in Mogadishu.

HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Signs into Law the Human Rights Bill

On Sunday August 14th, 2016, HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, signed into law a bill establishing an independent Human Rights Commission, which was recently approved by the country’s Parliament. 

HE the President restated that the human rights are an essential part of good governance, stability and harmonious existence, ultimately resulting in justice and equality for all. He also noted that the FGS is working hard towards better cooperation with the independent Human Rights Commitee to protect civilians in armed conflict, challenge instances of lack of accountability but reiterated his hope that the new bill will address those problems conclusively.

Kismayo’s Police Commissioner Establishes a Communications Unit

In Kismayo on August 16th, 2016, the Somali Police Force established a new Communications Unit in Jubbaland. HE the President of Jubbaland State, Ahmed Mohamed Islam ‘Madobe’ accompanied by the Chief of the Somali Police Force, General Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud, visited the SPF Communication Division. 
The new unit will facilitate direct communication with all stations in Mogadisghu, Beletweyne, Jowhar, Armo and Baidoa. HE the President of Jubbaland State was briefed on the situation in each of those areas and he urged to officers to redouble their efforts in fulfilling their duties and, at the same time, to work hard to protect and maintain their new and valuable equipment. 
The communication facilities are expected to serve as a base for police services in the region, as part of the on-going capacity building for the SPF at both the Federal Government and the regional administration level.

Danab Commandos Launch a Military Operation in Sunguni, Middle Jubba

Danab commandos have launched a ground assault on an Al-Shabab base in Sanguni, Middle Jubba. 
The operation targeted a roadblock levying illegal tolls upon the public in a strategic location to the north of the Jubba River. At the same time, another operation was launched in the Hargeisa Yarey (Little Hargeisa) area of Jilib district, resulting in the destruction of a number of technical vehciles and the death of a number of al-Shabab fighters. 
This operation followed on from a similar assault on al-Shabaab positions in Saakow last week.

The FGS Implements its Marine Resources Strategy

In Nairobi on August 15th, 2016, HE the Deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed Omar Arteh, opened a meeting on the implementation of the FGS Marine Resources Strategy, saying it would address matters benefiting maritime resources, safety, maritime pollution and maritime commercial laws as well as how to protect the maritime resources of the nation more generally. 
The meeting was attended by representatives of the FGS, the Somali regional states, Somalia’s Ambssador to Kenya, Ambassador Jamal Mohamed Hassan, the UN and various international donors, and organised by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), with backing from the country’s key maritime stakeholders and development partners.

The FGS Implements the Customary Law of Conflict Resolution

In Mogadishu on August 15th, 2016, the FGS Ministry of Justice endorsed the implementation of the customary law of conflict resolution. Those taking part included traditional leaders, religious groups and representatives from the regional administrations. Customary law has significance for the Somali people who have suffered numerous atrocities during the long period of civil strife. Coming out of that chaos, customary law was the main way of solving conflicts among disagreeing elements. The Ministry of Justice has, therefore, acknowledged the accomplishments of customary law and expect that it will continue to play a substantial role in the creation social order for some time to come.

Exploratory Debates on Regional State Boundaries Held in Mogadishu

In Mogadishu on August 15th 2016, the exploratory debates on regionl state boundaries and federalism were held. The debates were attended by representatives of civil society organisations, religious leaders, officials from the Ministry of Interior & Federalism and members of the Independent Committee of Boundaries & Federalism. The main focus of the debate was how to impement the conclusions of the debates and how to then expain the decisions to the relevant communities.

HE the Minister of Defence Attends the Conclusion of SNA Training

On August 13th 2016, HE the Minister of Defence, General Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali ‘Dini’ attended the conclusion of Somali National Army training at the General Dhegebadan camp (formerly al-Jazeera). Those participating in the training including senior officers, junior officers , military police and engineers. The training itself spanned a 5 month period and was facilitated by the European Union Training Mission (EUTM). 
HE the Minister of Defence urged the graduating students to commit themselves to the defence of the national ineterst which lay at the core of all the training course offered. 
The parade was attended by the Commmanadant of the SNA Training Division, General Abdullahi Ali Aanod, the AMISOM Deputy Force Commander and senior staff from EUTM.

al-Shabaab Militiamen were Flushed out of Luq Jelow, Hiiraan

On August 13th 2016, fighting erupted between local residents and al-Shabaab militamen in the Luq Jelow neighbourhood of Hiiran, 20-km west of Beletweyne. The local people succeeded in clearing their local area of the terrorist fighters and killed the notorious al-Shababb leader, Mohamed Ali ‘Dhegaweyne’ (Big Ears). 
SNA General Omar Aden Hassan ‘Omar Tall’ confirmed that the fighting continued for days, applauding the local residents on effectively dealing with the threat to local peace and stability.

New Market Opens in Warsheikh district, Middle Shabelle

On August 17th 2016, the District Commissioner of Warsheikh in Middle Shablle region, Ahmed Hussein ‘Shiidka’, publicly cut the ribbon on the new City Market that has been established in the town. 
The opening ceremony of the new city market was attended by representatives from all walks of society, the distrcit authorities and AMISOM officers garrisoned in the district. The funds for the market construction were provide by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). The Warsheikh District 
The District Commissioner noted that the construction of the city market is one of a number of projects that DRC has executed in Warsheikh Disrtict.

HE the President of Somalia Closed the Somali Diaspora Forum in Mogadishu

The Somali Diaspora Forum was held in Mogadishu from August 13-15th 2016. The conference was attended by key members of both Somali Diaspora as well those who have lived all their lives in the country, as well as members of government, and private enterpreneurs. The various speakers presented their views on the role of the Diaspora. 
The conference was opened by HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdusalam Hadliye Omar and also in attendance we HE the Minister of Planning & International Cooperation, Abdirahman Aynte, the Special Envoy of the Secretary General of United Nations (UN SRSG) Micheal Keating, and the conference has closed up by HE the President of Somalia.

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