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Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism Summary of FGS Development & Security Activities in the Past Week

Monday August 08, 2016 - 11:19:13 in Maqaallo by Editor Caynaba News
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    Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism Summary of FGS Development & Security Activities in the Past Week

    Mogadishu, 08th August 2016 – HE the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir 'Mareye' briefed the media on the development and

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Mogadishu, 08th August 2016 – HE the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir 'Mareye' briefed the media on the development and

security activities of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in past week.

HE the Minister detailed activities that took place in the past week including: the National Conference for Local Government opened in Baidoa; the Minister of Defence attended the conclusion of military training in Abudwak district, Galgaduud region; Disaster Management Training concluded in Mogadishu; HE the President of Somalia opened the National Consulatative Forum; the Ministry of Public Work presented the plan for the reconstruction of roads; the foundations of the Somalia Air Force Headquarters were laid down; the military court sentenced various criminals; security operations took place in Mogadishu; Danab commandos launched a military operation in Jubbaland; the Ministry of Interior received a consignment of donations from the Egyptian government; the Ministry of Education released National Examination results; and HE the President of Somalia wrapped up the Higher Education Review.

The National Conference for Local Government Opened in Baidoa

On August 4th, 2016, the National Conference for Local Government opened in Baidoa, attended by the Interior Ministers of the regional states of Somalia. As part of the consultative process, the conference established an action plan for reconcialition and also for the establishment of the local authorities. Participants included the Interior Ministers from the regional states along with a number of district commissioners as well as representatives from the United Nations Development Progarmes (UNDP). HE the Interior Minister of South West State, Mr Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan, welcomed the various delegations attending the conference. 

During the conference those attending discussed the challenges they faced in development of local government across the country. The expectation is that, by the end of the conference, the outcome will be a plan to develop the local adminstrations around the country.

HE the Minister of Defence Attended the Conclusion of Military Training in Abudwak District, Galgaduud Region

On August 4th, 2016, HE the Minister of Defense, Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Dini, accompanied by the Commandant of the National Intelligence & Security Agency’s (NISA) Galmudug Division, Sadaq Omar Hassan, the Commandant of the Somali Police Force, Ahmed Mohamed Rage and officers of the Somali National Army (SNA) 21st Division, were in attendance at the successful passing out parade of 114 recruits at the end of a three month training course. 
The course was delivered by the Abudwak District NISA staff with a mandate to train personnel to protect the Abdudwak District.

Disaster Management Training Concluded in Mogadishu

On August 3rd, 2016, a training programme organised by the Natural Disaster Management Advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister, Engineer Abdi Mohamed Ahmed ‘Baafo was concluded. Participants in the training included representatives of the regional states of Somalia, various representatives of FGS ministries, academics and experts from the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO).

During discussions as part of the course, the Natural Disaster Management Advisor highlighted capacity building training as the key to strengthening the Somalia’s ability to handle natural He also noted his intention that the attendees should tour rural areas to develop the best practices to minimise the effects of droughts and flood. He commented: "River flash flooding often results from a deviation in rainfalls over relatively short period: the disaster then occurs because the people are not prepared for floods due to a lack early warning systems, general preparedness and mitigation measures to mitigate. This training aims to fix that.”

HE the President of Somalia Opened the National Consulatative Forum

In Mogadishu on August 3rd 2016, HE the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, opened the National Leadership Forum to conclude the time frame and the process for the National Elections. The Forum brought together with leaders of the federal government and the presidents of the regional states of Somalia. 
Speaking at the conference, HE the President urged all Somalis to be willing to put aside self-interest in the interest of national good and urged political compromise. 
The Federal Commission on Indirect Elections issued statement with timelines of elections and the election of the President of Somalia will take place on 30 October 2016.

The Ministry of Public Work Presented the Plan for the Reconstruction of Roads

In Mogadishu on August 2nd 2016, HE the Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction presented the plan for road, bridge and highway construction. 
Members of Parliament and Ministers from the Regional States attended the presentation of the plan. HE the Minister of Public Works, Engineer Salah Sheikh Osman Muse, noted that the plan is based upon the best practices in the planning and designes of roads, bridges and seaports as well as the reconstruction and development of the country’s infrastructure. It would also encourage innovative ideas and provide ccess to advanced technology that will foster a responsive public and private service sector to serve the citizens.

The Foundations of the Somalia Air Force Headquarters were Laid Down

On August 1st 2016, the commandant of the Somali Custodian Corps, Bashir Mohamed Jamac, the Commandant of Somali Maritime Forces, General Maday Nurow Sheekh Ufurow and the Commandant of Somali Air Force, General Mohamud Sheekh Ali ‘Dable Baylood’ laid down the foundation stone for office premises in Mogadishu.

The Military Court Sentenced Various Criminals

On August 1st 2016, Somalia’s military court in Mogadishu has pronounced sentence of execution on two members from SNA after rejection by the Supreme Court. of an apppeal against their original sentences

The two were named as Ahmed Abdi Madey and Husein Abdullahi Omar also known as and were convicted of the deliberate killing of civilians.

Security Operations Took Place in Mogadishu

On the night of July 30th 2016, Somali security forces launched a security operation in parts of the Warta Nabadda district of Mogadishu.

Forces from the Somali Police Force, NISA, the SNA and AMISOM conducted the joint operation. Forces around the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp near Hamar Bile where they searching vehicles and entered a garage premises where the seized three vehicles loaded weapons, two AK 47, military uniforms, ammunition and a quantity of the drug, hashish. The Ministry of the Interior’s spokesman, Mr Abdikamil Moalin Shukri, explained that the operation was mounted in response to tip-offs from members of the public. 160 suspects were detained and released after the investigation completed.

Danab Commandos Launched a Military Operation in Lower Jubba

On the evening July 30th 2016, Danab commandos launched a ground assault on Abdi-Dhorre town 40km west of Kismayo in Lower Jubba region. NISA ofoficials revealed that the Danab force targeted an illegal check-point by al-Shabaab.

The Ministry of Interior Received a Consignment of Donations from the Egyptian Government

On July 28th 2016, the Egyptian government delivered 163 tons of emergency food aid. On behalf of the Ministery of the Interior, Abdirashid Hiddig officially received the donation and offered thanks for the continuing support of the Egyptian government to the people of Somalia, adding that the donation is an indication of the growing friendship between the two countries. 
HE the Egyptian Ambassador, Waleed Mohamed Esmail, noted that this is not the first nor would it be the last consignment of food aid that his country would provide to Somalia.

The Ministry of Education Released National Examination Results

On Thursday July 28th 2016, the FGS Ministry of Education & Higher Studies released the results of the National Examinations. 
As part of the process of strengthening the centralisation of of examinations across the country, the announcement of examination results is designed to encourage awareness of and participation in education in order to create a knowledgeable youth population who can then participate constructively in the rebuilding and development of the country.

HE the President of Somalia Wrapped up the Higher Education Review

In Mogadishu on July 28th 2016, HE the Somali President wrapped up the Higher Education Review.

HE the President himself has a deep-rooted commitment to education and he noted that every country can enhance its development acitvities by enhancing its education system, especially those coming out of a period of conflict.


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